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Hazel Aggrey-Orleans Of Eki Orleans Fashion Label Explains Why “Eki” Girls Are The Centre Of Attention On Spice TV


While the Nigerian fashion brand Eki Orleans is one that has overcome global boundaries in the fashion industry, the creative director of the brand, Hazel Aggrey-Orleans has maintained a low profile. In this chat with Spice TV however she opens up and explains why “Eki” girls are the centre of attention.

Spice TV states, “Hazel Aggrey- Orleans, the driving force behind the Eki Orleans luxury fashion brand shares with us her diverse roots and how she set up her business. Loved for vibrant and feminine designs, Hazel also speaks on her influences and why her signature and unique silk prints make any women in Eki Orleans the ‘centre of attention.’”

Watch the video below:

About Spice Focus:
SPICE Focus, presents interesting and innovative groups and individuals in the fashion industry both locally and internationally – from designers and retail owners, to editors and industry experts. SPICE Focus gives the inside and detailed scoop on pertinent individuals and their businesses. Catch full episodes on SPICE TV, Channel 192 DStv.


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