In this part of the world, the weather is almost always warm even during cooler seasons. The bright and warm climate gets the ladies all cheerful and rocking that sun-kissed glow. The down side to this though, is that there are always thirsty women out and about, desperately begging for a drink. And I’m not talking about the get-me-a-glass-of-cold-water kind of thirst, nope. I am referring to that other one. You know, the kind that makes men and women alike throw that mean side eye in the direction of one who falls into the category of the sad and desperate woman.

Thanks to blog comments, Facebook posts, and the seemingly never-ending Twitter banter, ‘The Thirst’ or ‘Thirsty Woman’ has now become one of the very many expressions from the internet that’s steadily seeping its way into our consciousness. ‘The Thirst’ has now become an epidemic that seems to be spreading fast.

We all have that friend, cousin or sister who is simply the epitome of the thirsty woman. Briefly, a thirsty woman is essentially a desperate woman. And as often is the case with desperate women, her priorities are out of whack. She’s lost, morally, emotionally and/or psychologically. This is not to say there aren’t thirsty men (that’s for a whole ‘nother article entirely), but for some reason, the ‘thirst’ is gaining more popularity amongst the womenfolk.

If you’re on the fence about whether you yourself are a thirsty woman or whether someone you know might be, here are ways to spot her.

She latches on to every superficial connection;



Now why do I call her ‘thirsty’? well, it’s simple; she desperately latches on to every single phone number, email address and Facebook contact she receives and though mutual interest haven’t been expressed, she takes this little piece of information and runs with it. She only knows a few things about him and all of a sudden, he’s her ‘bestie’. If she runs into him on the street, she acts like they have been buddies for years while the poor guy cringes behind forced smile every time she approaches. Avoidance is not an option as this will only result in an even more awkward situation.

She reaches out too much, too often;

Maybe they are Facebook friends, perhaps they follow each other on Twitter, or maybe they are just casual acquaintances, her desperation certainly knows no boundaries. She attacks him with non-stop phone calls and multiple IMs. Bear in mind, he never calls her, never so much as hit her with @reply on Twitter but she has no problem with initiating conversation. Talk about Persistence.

She’s over the top with everything;


Oh the thirsty woman- moderation is not her forte. She’s overly flirtatious, takes sexy jokes a tad bit too far and everyone notices except her. She is also oblivious to the irritated glances and sarcastic online remarks directed at her.

She forces herself into conversations and situations that do not involve her;


Her thirst knows no limit. Yes, the internet is a forum for discussion among a lot of people but most of us know exercise discretion. Her attention-seeking attitude leads her to insert herself into every conversation even when it has nothing to do with her. So someone mentions they have been somewhere, or simply tweeting about wanting something, the thirsty woman sees this as an opportunity to put in her 2 cents worth- whether or not she is invited.


Although one would mostly recognize a thirsty woman by how she treats others or most times, her online behavior, but it also includes her overall approach to life which reeks of desperation, confusion, self absorption and low morality.


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  1. xxx

    I never leave a comment but really? FAB take this down, when did someone’s judgemental opinion become an article worth reading? Stupid waste of my brain cells. I kept hoping it would make sense or come together at some point is why I read it to the end… All this nonesens is very general and did not have to be limited to women.


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