nahla-aubry-768Last move in the Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry saga has come in the form of a battle over daughter Nahla’s hair. According to TMZ, Berry took Aubry back to court today to force him to stop chemically altering the hair of their 6-year-old daughter, Nahla, as well as lightening it with highlights. Following the court hearing at which the star’s lawyer Steve Kolodny was present on her behalf against Aubry and his lawyer, the judge decreed that neither parent could alter Nahla’s hair from its natural state, and that from here on out, Nahla’s hair will grow back naturally.


After an acrimonious divorce, Berry and Aubry haven’t seen eye to eye for a while now. Most recently, Berry took Aubry to court to try and  get the child support she pays him reduced from $16,000 a month as he is not in full time employment and the actress claimed he was living off the child support payment she is paying him.

Let’s see what happens next in this saga but we hope for little Nahla’s sake, it doesn’t involve her hair.



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