Storytelling goes virtual with Google’s new lab produce at YouTube. With this free and ready-to-use service, you’ll be able to publish a short video clip of your Google searches within minutes! Search Stories is no rocket science so no instructions needed really. But at FAB, we never stop educating the world. So, this way please:





How to make a Search Story?

1. Visit Search Stories


2. On the page itself, you are given seven blanks. Type any keyword or phrase you like on at least one of the blanks. Next to each blank is a drop down panel, which allows you to select the type of result you want your viewers to see, so choose from the list, e.g. Images, Maps, Product Search..etc At the same time, the ‘eye’ icon will enable you to have a preview of your search result. Easy peasy!


3. When you’re done with the content, it’s time for the instruments! The tunes are rather limited but this way it also saves the trouble to hunt for it, so no issues with that. Depending on the theme of your story (e.g. family, horror) there are three options for each theme but you may only select one! Sorry!


4. Once selection is done, headline it and standby for preview. No need to scratch head for the effects – all SearchStories will never be the same – the software synchronises the content and the beats for you within seconds. No matter how random it might be, likelihood for your video to become a stardom remains an algorithm :)


5. If everything is good to go,  all you need is a Google or Youtube account and it’s show time!


Here’s one I’ve made specially for all of you! Have a FAB time watching!

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