What’s not to love about a fruit that comes naturally gift-wrapped with its own biodegradable wrapper and packed with nutrients that promote good health and boosts metabolism?

Whether you like the taste and texture of bananas or not, you will agree that bananas are highly nutritious and also handy to eat. Bananas contain Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibre and magnesium and they are free of sodium and cholesterol.

As one of the passionate advocates of achieving ultimate beauty from the inside out I will be enlightening you on five health benefits of indulging in bananas.


DIET: One banana has 11% of the RDA of dietary fibre and only about 108 calories, the fibre that is present in bananas not only keeps digestion regular, it also helps maintain low blood sugar and since bananas are so filling, they curb over-eating.


GOOD SUPPLY OF ENERGY: Bananas make an excellent snack and they are a great source of instant energy either before or after your workout routine or after a stressful day at the office. Due to their high potassium content, bananas help muscles contract properly during exercise and also reduces cramps. Because bananas are very sweet they can also serve as a healthy substitute for sugar and curb sugar cravings.


BONE HEALTH: Potassium lowers blood pressure and prevents the weakening of the bones in your body; this is because it helps to counteract the loss of calcium (secreted in the urine)


HEALTHY DIGESTIVE TRACT: Bananas can reduce the uncomfortable effects of diarrhea and constipation; this is because the high amounts of potassium they contain can restock electrolytes that are easily depleted when you are suffering from diarrhea (potassium is a very important electrolyte). Bananas also relieves constipation and helps restore a healthy digestive system with pectin, a soluble polysaccharide that helps normalize the digestive tract.


MOOD AND SLEEP: Trying to get your well-needed beauty sleep? Well bananas play an excellent role in boosting your mood and promoting sleep, this is due to the significant level of serotonin and tryptophan that they contain.

Now the fun part is there are a lot of different ways you can eat bananas, here are a two of my favorites:

Make a delicious, nutritious banana milk shake! Simply put low-fat milk or soymilk in a blender with banana slices and a few ice cubes.


You can also add bananas to your morning cereal, they taste great!

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2 Responses

  1. Jones

    Donk’t know why but I always have the hardest and long lasting erections when Bananas have been a regular parrt of my diet.

  2. ule

    Very true! Banana is a multi-purpose Miracle wonder, I do a banana facial mask regimen twice a week (mixture of banana/honey/lemon juice) and my face testifies!! I can’t go a week without my banana & strawberry smoothies too..
    Everyone should join the bandwagon of this God’s gift to mankind.


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