A lot of people usually just opt for a bold red lipstick shade or a subtle nude lipstick shade when they are going out in the summer. But according to celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, who was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Show, there are several other colours to experiment with this summer.

Think fuchsia, think of a neon type orange, think of a light shade of purple and you already have an idea of the colours Jamie Greenberg is recommending for summer. She shares which colors you should try and how to get a cohesive makeup look with a bold surprising lip.

From fuchsia pink to neon orange this season is all about statement lip colour and it seems the bolder and brighter, the better! While we can always fall back on the classic red shade and the safe nude lip, it might be time to switch things up this season and try out a lip trend that you haven’t tried before.

Watch the video on this season’s hottest lip trends below:

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