American singer, Chris Brown has been ordered to remain in jail till untill his Washington DC trial commences in June. Sad right? This is the second time the ‘Don’t Judge Me’ singer has been denied bail and you may be wondering why the judge has refused to tamper justice with mercy on Brown but it seems like he is paying for his sins as the trial Judge Mychal Wilson explains to hollywoodlife.

Chris brown who was thrown out of rehab twice for his misconducts has had this coming for him, he dug his own grave when he made gun threats while he was in rehab. “Mr. Brown remains a danger to the community” after he allegedly made threats about using guns while in rehab, says lawyer James E. Silverstein.

Just in case you may be wondering why Chris Brown is being treated badly for his behaviour, attorney James Silvestein revealed that “Brown’s situation is more complicated than it meets the eye…Factors the court will generally consider in deciding whether or not to grant bail include the recommendations of the probation officer (if there is one), the defendant’s criminal history, the conduct resulting in the alleged violation, whether the defendant is a flight risk, and whether the defendant is a danger to the community.”

Adding that “The allegation appears to be that Mr. Brown allegedly made threats about using guns while in his court-ordered
rehabilitation program on that case,” James continues. “This is a serious allegation, and one that very well could have suggested to the court that Mr. Brown remains a danger to the community.”


Chris Brown

In November 2013, Chris was sentenced to 90 days in a treatment program for his arrest in Washington in October based on the felony and assault conviction relating to his ex girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 but his probation was revoked after he threw a rock and shattered his mother’s car window.

He was given another chance to make it right and stay out of jail if he entered a 90-day anger management and drug rehabilitation program but Chris Brown was kicked out of his second court-ordered drug rehab facility in mid-March for violating its program rules and regulations.

Chris Brown is not above the law and he kind of deserves what is happening to him or what do you think?

‘Loyal’ Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne and Tyga

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