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Ghanaian Fashion Brand Aya Morrison Presents “Dahlia” 2014 Collection


Ghanaian fashion brand Aya Morrison started out with swimwear but has quickly created a niche in womenswear also. The brand has unveiled its newest collection for 2014 tagged “Dahlia” with is a lovely fusion of style and creativity.

There are a wide variety of styles in the Dahlia collection showcasing pieces like crop tops, midi skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts, jumpsuits, shirt dresses and more. The collection also plays with different fabrics and different prints with a majority of the collection using bright and vibrant colours.

Fueled by imagination & innovativeness, Aya Morrison is a clothing line for women who are feminine, statement-makers & uniquely fashion forward. The brand embraces individuality, comfort & style – hence, Aya Morrison is a moderate-end luxury fashion line that allows you to create the look for less and STILL be fashionable, young and sexy!

We love how the pieces carry you from day to night effortlessly. Check out more pieces from the lookbook below:

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