Summer is around the corner in most countries around the world and as for us here in Nigeria and most parts of Africa, its pretty much summer everyday of the year. For women like me who are petrified of waxing, wary of the bumps that shaving sticks cause and react adversely to shaving creams, there is good news! I found a way to keep my legs fuzz-free for the summer sans razor bumps.

Here are my top tips for achieving satin-smooth legs.


TIP 1: Exfoliate

The best time to shave is after a warm shower or a bath. The warm water opens up your pores and makes your skin suppler. Scrub your skin thoroughly and exfoliate, this will help avoid irritation and remove dead skin cells that can clog up your shaving stick and lead to more nicks and cuts. Rinse off with cold water to close up your pores.





TIP 2: Shave at night

It is more advisable to shave your legs at night, as your skin is more sensitive after a fresh shave. By shaving at night your skin has time to rest before it is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun the next day.

TIP 3: Lather up

Apply generous amounts of shaving gel to your skin, this helps your razor glide across your skin easily and this gives you a very smooth finish with less irritation. It is advisable to choose shaving gels enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E or shea butter and green tea for smoother skin.

TIP 4: Make sure your blade is sharp

This tip is very important. For a closer and smoother shave, always make sure your razor is sharp and be sure to change it regularly. Blunt razors causes irritation and makes a clean shave impossible, it also leaves your skin vulnerable to bumps.

TIP 5: Shaving after-care

Now that you have gotten rid of unwanted hair on your legs, apply a little oil or moisturizer to your fuzz-free legs. A few minutes of after-care will help to rehydrate your skin and leave your skin satin-smooth and shiny.

Look your absolute best this summer, be free, be FAB!

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  1. omoh

    Karen has done it again!!seriously babes I’m always scared of shaving ma legs,trust me,I’d try dis out…God bless u.


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