St Genevieve now on Jumia 1The collection we have been waiting for by Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji’s label St Genevieve is now available exclusively on Jumia. Launching today, the new collection entitled ‘Philomena’ embodies the star’s fashion sense and red carpet style, with pieces from casual chic to formal which all look like they could be straight out of Genevieve’s closet.

“By recreating my personal style into my fashion label, I am creating this collection that brings to life strong and sexy pieces for every woman to look good,” stated Genevieve Nnaji about her collection.

The collection is to all the women out there who want to look fabulous every time of the day in their simple outfits, that is what St Genevieve brand stands for,” Nnaji added.

St Genevieve now on Jumia

‘We are truly excited about adding the St Genevieve Collection to Jumia’s Online fashion store in Nigeria also because we are giving every woman the opportunity to dress like a star and a leading lady’ Co-CEO Jeremy Doutte stated.

Breaking new ground in the Nigerian fashion industry with Jumia’s exclusive partnership to launch St Genevieve collection, all Nigerians are able to get a piece of the range with delivery to your homes or workplace. Jumia Fashion is the one stop shop for fashion in Nigeria with the ‘By Naija store’ that promotes Proudly Nigerian fashion.

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