Forbes Africa has released a statement calling a cover shared by businessman and media personality DJ Sbu aka Sibusiso Leope “fictitious”.

The popular media personality shared an image of him on a cover of Forbes Africa, following the mention of his energy drink Mofaya in a article published on the 18th March. The image was captioned: “Local Start Up Company #Mofaya gets international recognition from @Forbes USA. For full article click link on my bio. What God bless. No man can deny.”

Forbes cover 1107 subs poly v2

The statement released by Forbes Africa in response to the image on March 20th reads as follows:

“On the 20th of March 2015 Forbes Africa was made aware of a fictitious cover being shared on social media of Sibusiso Leope, also known as DJ Sbu. The cover features the entrepreneur and an endorsement of Mr. Leope’s locally manufactured energy drink. This release is to inform the public at large that the cover in question, depicted above (left), has been fabricated by the Mr. Leope and in no way represents or warrants an endorsement by Forbes Africa or its affiliates. The fabricated cover bares resemblance to an October 28 2013 Forbes US cover featuring Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, depicted…”



Sbu explained that the endorsement was from Forbes America, and the original article from Forbes USA appears here. About the cover he says: “I took the thing [the cover image] from social. Someone read and loved the article, and so they shared the images and I thought this ‘this is cool’ because it was so well done so I shared it.”

Forbes Africa’s PR is reportedly still deciding whether to take legal action or not.

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