We can’t even imagine how excited must be right now. Two days ago the actress/singer/TV host Keke Palmer made her on-stage debut as character “Cinderella” in Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway. Palmer made an effortless transformation before the show with costume designer and expert William Ivey Long.

Before Keke Palmer hit the stage, Pret-a-Reporter was able to meet up with her and get a pick at four of her five looks for the play.

LOOK 1: Peasant Dress

Keke_Palmer_as_Cinderella_5_embed kekepalmer-cinderella-peasant

LOOK 2: The White Ball Gown

keke_palmer_as_cinderella Keke_Palmer_as_Cinderella_Split_2_embed kekepalmer-cinderella-ballgown kekepalmer-cinderella-ballgown2

LOOK 3: Stepsister’s Coral Gown

Keke_Palmer_as_Cinderella_3_embed kekepalmer-cinderella-stepsistercoraldress

LOOK 4: Gold Gown

Keke_Palmer_as_Cinderella_1_embed Keke_Palmer_as_Cinderella_2_embed kekepalmer-cinderella-goldgown

Check out more details about the dresses Here.

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