Fée Uhssi is an ethical & multicultural fashion brand offering clothing and accessories designed by mixing African & European fabrics, shapes, styles, trends to create a timeless collection Inspired by the Art of Wrapping & Drapping.












The label’s  first inspiration is the legendary African Elegance. The aim is to bring back this natural sense of style to modern clothes  to make people feel beautiful, elegant,  and well in their body.
It’s all about Natural Beauty, to inspire women to reveal the goddess in them.


“Love your body, wrap it up with pride and shine!”


The new collection is divided into 3 lines:


– The Efenudu Line


Efenudu means Art of wrapping
this line is influenced by the traditional art of wrapping and drapping from Africa, europe, Japan, Asia, India. It is also a research on shapes, while using simple geometrical shapes, the aim is to find the perfect fit to suit the body shape.
The line includes:
The Efenudu kit made of two pieces of clothing who allows to create different outfits & accessories, sold with a leaflet explaining how to realise the outfits by folding and wrapping the two pieces.


The Ede Aso Line , which means ‘Day & Night’ is a range of reversible clothing. all the designs can be in at least four different ways.


The Uhssi line, is the structured line,more inspired by European fashion with some African couture influences, a mix of tribal, retro, trendy, funky, sexy, modern and timeless.


Model Samar Khoury for designer Fee Uhssi


Photography: Eric Schneider

MUA: Yasmine Smatti









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