FAST FIVE by Sharon Ezeamaka

So I saw FAST FIVE yesterday, I have been looking forward to it for a while now, especially because I have a special love for Vin Diesel. I know I love too many people but hey! we’re supposed to share love, its big enough.

Back to my movie gist, I wasn’t disappointed at all. The actors were totally FAB, I could tell they worked hard and put their all. The directing was lovely too, big ups to Justin Lin. The story was lovely and I love that Vin Diesel “Dominic Toretto”, Paul Walker “Brian O’Conner” and Dwayne “Rock” Johnson “Hobbs” didn’t get seriously hurt in the movie.  The story had the right twists…. Of course it did, what was I expecting?! To be honest, I was expecting them to make some tiny mistakes but they didn’t.

I particularly liked Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Gal Gadot, Sung kang…. They stood out! I’m not saying all the others didn’t, I’m just saying I thought these ones were exceptional. I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with a rockstar chic? Gal totally rocked!

For those that have seen it, I’m sure you are glad…. For those that haven’t, you totally should! You’ll love it!

Here’s a trailer for y’all! I need you guys to feel what we felt when we saw it! Enjoy!


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  1. nicola

    As much as i liked the first one and second.. and Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.. preferably Mr D.. oh yes!.. when a movie starts hitting number 4,5.. + im like ‘really’?.. i liked you, dont make me unlike you!.. Its like the Saw movies.. i love a bit of gore so was all over these but honestly i cant tell you what number they finished on (or wait till Oct another will be out!).. ive seen them all barring one.. or maybe two depending on how many there is!.. lol after a while there really is not much else they can do which is shocking and unexpected. i did watch the final one in 3D… and if hadnt been in 3D id wouldnt have been impressed at all!..

    But okay after all that rant i watched the trailer… why didnt i go see it?!


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