Last year’s designers to watch Gyo Yuni Kimchoe came back to Fashion Scout this year with a mind blowing and jaw dropping collection – we thought they were innovative last season – this season they proved their innovation has no bounds.

This emerging label is formed of Gyo Kim from Central St.Martins and Yuni Choe from Ravensbourne. The twosome put on a spectacular show with an incredible ethical and sustainable collection to go with it.
Gyo Yuni Kimchoe were inspired by ‘the concept of travel into space and virtual worlds, combined with the Mongolian Shamans’, coming up with the show title ‘The Thanatos Expedition’. The first model set the tone making it obvious that the collection was inspired by space and astronomy. From fringes to fur, leather and braids to tweed pieces the show was all about AW15 trends, edgy and different with that oh-so-obvious space influence.
LFW-AW15-Gyoyuni-Chloe-Newman-The-Upcoming-29  LFW-AW15-Gyoyuni-Chloe-Newman-The-Upcoming-27
LFW-AW15-Gyoyuni-Chloe-Newman-The-Upcoming-26 LFW-AW15-Gyoyuni-Chloe-Newman-The-Upcoming-25
LFW-AW15-Gyoyuni-Chloe-Newman-The-Upcoming-24 LFW-AW15-Gyoyuni-Chloe-Newman-The-Upcoming-22
The finale of the show culminated the whole presentation with ‘Black Skinhead’ by Kanye West blasting in the background along with all of the models in the amazing pieces sporting Gyo Yuni Kimchoe branded space beanies. Talk about taking fashion to new realms.
LFW-AW15-Gyoyuni-Chloe-Newman-The-Upcoming-20  LFW-AW15-Gyoyuni-Chloe-Newman-The-Upcoming-17

LFW-AW15-Gyoyuni-Chloe-Newman-The-Upcoming-16  LFW-AW15-Gyoyuni-Chloe-Newman-The-Upcoming-15




Images by Chloe Newman via TheUpcoming

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