After so much hustle and preparation for the Future Awards by fashionistas, here are a few of them who caught my attention even though I actually couldn’t make it to the awards – trust me, I was saving my energy for this post.

First on my list is Toni Tones’ Lanvin inspired look. I had no choice but to fall in love with this piece by Bridget Awosika – the designer who recently launched her SS2011 collection – cinched at the waist for modern definition, and accessories were perfect….. love!

Banky W kind of left me uninspired… I wont die to get this look!

Bayo Oke Lawal was able to pull the ultra skinny jean look from high street on to the red carpet; perfect proportion!

Bridget Awosika who actually won the Designer of the Year Award here looks like she would have preferred to be awarded the Perfect Doll of the Night. Don’t worry, Bridget, I understand a lot goes into making other peole beautiful…..love the dress!

Love everything about Bubu’s look – very good to know your proportion and dress accordingly.

There is something about black that would never make you go wrong, Dimeji looks like a blank canvas; you can neither talk much about his look nor judge him. Consider black on black when you are out of options.

Eku Edewor sticks to tap shoes… Really? I love the dress, but I just can’t get over those shoes.

Love Makida in the blue dress by Uyai.

Love Vonne’s cut out sheer dress.

Perfection sometimes gets to a fault. It’s time for Omowunmi to be a little less predictable; I actually saw this coming. Love the dress no doubt, but get a little more practical.

Love Pepper’s multicoloured mini dress, dressed with a vintage tote to give the total look a polished feel… It’s like the past meeting the present.

.I’m a huge fan of jumpsuits so it’s hard for me to see any wrong in this; I think this look is cool… No wow factor though!

A round of applause for the queen of the carpet….Yea, it’s a gown. It’s chiffon. And it’s got train. Any reason why she shouldn’t be qualified?

Uche Jumbo draws inspiration from trash bags… A dress that adds instant volume to one’s body weight, makes one look short and stout with legs barely there… Who wears that? A simple belt to define your waist would have saved you the stress of changing your stylist – if there’s one.

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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Hmm, not sure I agree with these views. You really love Vonne's dress???? HUH?! And EVERYTHING about Bubu's look? Including the ashy knees? Precilla as best dressed? Rly? Its nice but not 'best'. I think Omowunmi looks best dressed if you ask me….

  2. One eye

    Loving Makida and OKe Lawal, adore him and love all his work.
    Omowunmi , i kidda love the look though, i guess no matter what she wears i will still love her
    erm… i am kidda tired of the same look on Dimeji all the time, just changes the colours … well true wale , he is so out of options now

  3. Muje

    @ anonymous well….i think i agree with wale's take on Vonne's dress….and yea,really! oh please give bubu a break…..you dont like her ashy be? then be her personal beauty consultant
    lol…..you should have noticed the sacarsim based on that.

  4. Raulf

    @one eye…..true….i love what omowunmi is wearing,but i think im also bored cos she gets it right….whats wrong with making a wrong outfit look right? she should break rules abeg!

  5. Chi-Chi

    My best dressed picks goes to Omowunmi, Eku, Bridget and Genevieve. They all looked effortlessly chic.

  6. Michael

    Best dressed Priscilia. She looked like she knew she was coming for an award. Omowumi Second best. Nnaji jumpsuit to an award??? Please like she just got a call from her friend asking her to come out for a drink..

  7. Pat

    I agree with Wale on Priscilia the Queen of the Green Carpet.Fabulous look. Omowumi Gorgeous.

  8. sarah

    I agree with Wale too on Priscilia the queen of the carpet she looked like a movie star go girl. I hear she's a designer too. Great.


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