From the Ladies of TAP Design, we have Nkari ‘Neve Dyeri’ from the American University Yola, Sociology Major Chinwe Olugu from the University Of Lagos and Suit/Blazer expert Leslie Holmes.These young Fashion designers in Nigeria are providing world class Runway and Urban designs, that cut across to all fashion inclined youths in and outside the country.

Fashion designer101 introduces Urban schooling designers in Nigeria, who have been able to put their designs and collections on my fashion radar, despite the challenges of the 100% hard work that come’s with trying to obtain a B.A or B.Sc degree, Abe Adeile introduces 4 young schooling fashion designers stitching from the 4 Walls of their various Universities.

Firstly, meet Leslie Holmes, a final year student in Covenant University studying Electrical/Electronics Engr, who would have possibly thought that an Electrical student would be on top of materials, stitching and cutting fabrics.

Leslie Holmes fashion collection is a unique one, set aside for people to get what exactly they want. Making bespoke suits, cooperate and casual shoes, and accessories for suits or blazers, like badges and ties, Leslie Holmes has been engineered to satisfy his customers and provide top class needs for men and women of any age, regardless if he’s doing that from the Classroom.

In October 2011,Makers of Nigeria Future Awards featured TAP Design’s 2011 collection ‘Urban Afrique’ on The ‘Urban Afrique’ collection was described as an embodiment of the New-school, hip and punk, with deep African presence, a love affair between the age-old wax print Ankara and new-age fashion forward cuts. Thorpe Weyinmi, Adeosun Toluwalase and Patrick Ifie who are students of the North American University Cotonu, all inspire the designs of the TAP.
Marvelous Chinwe Olugu but known as Marvy for short amongst her peer’s is another EXPOSED upcoming fashion designer rooted from Abia state but born in Lagos state. She is currently sociology major at the University of Lagos but has dreams to make Marvee Sketch a high fashion label that would create extra feminine/ladylike designs that accentuate and flatter a woman’s curves also put’s her in my class of Fashion Designer 101.
The Marvee Sketch designs are classy, sophisticated and elegant also having a playful/edgy side to each designs. Chinwe Olugu says that ‘a woman who wears a Marvee Sketch design is a strong confident lady not afraid of crossing boundaries set by society, understands class and dresses to make a statement’.

Dyeri a family name and Neve means radiant which is a word that represents Nkari as a person. Nkari started in junior high with a drawing pad she called “Nk’s Fashion Mansion”. Every day Nkari would draw a girl in a beautiful dress and her book slowly became popular in her classroom, because several times during her lectures, a teacher would caution her about drawing in class; from there Nkari friends started calling her “Nk Fashion Mansion”, and that’s how it all started. 
Due to the amount of school work, Nkari can only produce sketches of new designs about five times a week, and produces new collections about every two months. Nkari’s ‘Neve Dyeri’ has already been featured on countless of fashion shows in Lagos, which she say’s has been quite challenging, considering that she has to come all the way from her school, which is at Yola, but none the less she get’s by these challenges.

When you look at the promises these designers hold, the culture they innovate through their designs, or the passion they show doing what they do best, one thing remain’s known, that regardless of the commitment and hard work expected of them each as students, they have decided to create a balance between being part of the growing fashion culture, and also pursuing a degree that can only be obtained from an educational institution.

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