The mentors and mentees of iROCK! UK, which aims to provide youth from ethnic minorities with work placement and employment, got together on Friday evening at Charing Cross and hit the street to promote iROCK! UK’s first fundraiser scheduled on Africa Day, 26 May 2012.

“Today we were recording promotional videos with our partner FAB and our mentees saying why they rock. We ended up shooting out in the streets which I think gave it more credibility and vibrancy. The end result was amazing,” said the founder of iROCK! UK, Viola Ncube.

The iROCK! UK team continued the evening at the Zimbabwe House with dinner and drinks where they continued to raise awareness of the Tribes of Africa event.

iROCK Founder Viola Ncube

“The mentees were absolutely amazing,” Ncube added, “spending their Friday night handing out flyers and talking to potential guests. We are really blessed and I think iROCK is really starting to showcase what we want to emphasise about young black people coming together to achieve an empowerment movement.”

The iROCK! UK Team

Tribes of Africa set to take place at London’s The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel promises to be a celebration of Africa as well as youth empowerment.

Guests can expect a complimentary African brew cocktail reception, 4-course African fusion dinner, goody bags and a high profile fashion show with designers representing diverse influences of Africa, with names such as Adebayo Jones, Anita Quansah, Nkwo, Chichia London and Zambia’s Kutowa Designs amongst others.

Coupled with the chance to mingle with the Who’s Who of the African community in London, Tribes of Africa promises guest a high profile evening of fun, fashionable fundraising.

For more information on iROCK! UK and to purchase tickets to the Tribes of Africa show on Saturday 26 May, please visit


iROCK! UK mentee

Viola with iROCK! UK mentee

iROCK! UK mentee Kemi

iROCK! UK mentee Linda Satimburwa

Joanne Chew, iROCK! UK member

Friend of iROCK! UK, Mutsa Mandizha

iROCK! UK member, Linda Bekoe

iROCK! UK mentee Tamara Ngulube

iROCK! UK member Veronica Maduna

iROCK! member and FAB Magazine Editor Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo

iROCK! UK mentees

iROCK! UK mentees

Mutsa Mandizha and Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo

Viola Ncube and Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo

iROCK! UK Team

Images: David Mbiyu/

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