Now, I know a lot of us watch Nollywood and spend half the time critisicing the various “technical difficulties”. Some of us ignore Nollywood for Hollywood. But I must say one movie that I loved from Nollywood that I managed to ignore everything else that may have been wrong with it was Blackberry Babes. The sheer foolishness of the women for a phone… A PHONE?!?! It still makes me laugh.

NollywoodLove is releasing parts 3 & 4 on the 9th of June! Now excuse me for my excitement but I remember watching parts 1 & 2 and just having a good laugh. So 9th of June me and my laptop have a date! #noshame

For those of you who didn’t know you can watch Nollywood movies FOR FREE on the YouTube channel NollywoodLove in their entirety – so basically you can watch the whole video without having to click various links when 10 minutes is up. The channel pays YouTube for this privilege. One I appreciate!

Here are the previews!

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