Fundraising is taking an unconventional stance as Britain’s families and melting pot of Disney lovers are being asked to dig into their memory bank and pull out their most distant Disney memories, and donate them to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity in London.

The public are being asked to visit Disney Junior  and write down their first memories and experiences of Disney. Once the number of memories has reached 1,000,000 Disney Junior will donate £1 million to the charity.

With a number of celebrities such as actress Thandie Newton, Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton and thespian Sir Michael Caine lending their supportive hands, the campaign has got off to a great start and at the time of being published, the memory tally was 11,094. 

The Million Memories Campaign was initiated after research showed that 92% of British parents and grandparents felt that memories we have of childhood cartoon characters remain with us for the rest of our lives. Disney now hopes that these findings will be acted upon and translated onto the campaign.

The idea of taking intangible and abstract thoughts and turning them into money in order to aid a great cause is a concept that should be used regularly. Britain’s current economic climate means many of us although we would desperately like to, cannot afford to give to charities because we have immediate needs at home and within the family that take precedence over everything and anything else.

This campaign is ideal because it aims to make the public feel involved and that they are giving back to society by sharing a little part of themselves, while Disney Junior has stepped up to the plate and provided the monetary aid that is so greatly needed by a charity such as this.

So whether you cried when Mufasa died, cheered when Snow White was saved from the evil Queen Maleficent or dreamed of finding Prince charming like Cinderella, donate your first Disney memory and watch the magic happen.



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  1. nicola

    awww such a FAB cause and great way to get people involved, love it! Great post Wendy!


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