The A to Z of weddings- An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day

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bar - champagne, cocktail, fresh juice, ice-cream, coffee, whisky or wine bar depending on the time of year, dictates what you serve at your wedding. A coffee bar would be perfect as a start-off in winter while a ice-cream bar would be suitable for summer etc. Consult your catering company, specialist or the venue sommelier for alternatives. It’s economical to serve wine at the bar than at the table. Beer as well as wine should be served, and ample quantities of still and sparkling water should also be available for your guests. Be adventurous!! PS always over-cater, allow for 4 serving per guest. Nothing worse than running out of foods or drinks, it’s a party-killer! Don’t forget ice!!

buffet – one of the best things about a buffet is it gives your guest the opportunity to mingle and ensure that there are lots of stations serving different types of food. This would ensure there is something to suit everyone’s palate. Tailor your food to the wedding, sometimes the simplest wedding is the most beautiful. PS always over-cater!!

budget – your budget is the most important element in your planning, During your preliminary planning stage, guess-estimate for the number of guest you’d like to invite, contact the caterers, florist etc get a sense of their fees. All these early fact-finding and consideration will give you an early estimate of how much your wedding will cost. Once you have an idea of your budget the next step is setting your list of priorities “what is important to you both. Remain within your budget, stay organised , track your spending and keep receipts to monitor your spending.

budget breakdown - for whatever style of wedding you’re having, this is a suggestion of your budget breakdown. But of course with a bit of clever planning & research you could serve money on all. PS don’t forget to always include VAT!  Reception (food, drinks, rentals and venue): 35% – 40%  flowers: 10% – 15% photographer: 10% bride’s & groom’s attire: 10% music 5% – 10% wedding planner: 10% – 15% extras (transport, license fees, stationery etc): 10%

bank – don’t borrow money from the bank to fund your wedding, it’s not  a good beginning to a happy married life! Perhaps you could consider having a small intimate wedding and plan on having the big reception in a year or two so you can save up.

bestman - the groom must choose his bestman with care and attention, one of the greatest compliments a man can pay a friend is to ask him to be best man at his wedding. It is a major role and he must be committed fully to the job. He organises a stag party and gives a wedding speech at the reception.  He leads the groom’s party, making sure that the ushers etc fulfill their role and duties. High levels of organisation, diplomacy, communication, calmness and confidence are required.

buttonholes - Flowers worn in the buttonhole of the coat/jacket are referred to simply as ‘buttonholes’ or boutonnières.The groom, best man, ushers and usually the fathers of both the bride and groom wear them, sometimes the grandfathers. They are worn on the left-hand lapel of the morning coat or suit jacket. The groom buttonhole matches the bride’s bouquet while the bestman, ushers & fathers matches the bridesmaids flowers.

balloons - might conjure up a children’s party but done right, they can be stylish. (see photo courtesy of Pinterest)

body - amid the bustle of planning, don’t neglect your health, kick-start a healthy-eating program.

bag - a little attention to detail, add a small clutch, handy for tissues, touch-up make-up, mints etc. If this is too cumbersome with your bouquet, perhaps your chief bridesmaid can be responsible for it as well as your bouquet.

borrowed - Something Old (piece of old jewellery from family), Something New (dress,  veil etc), Something borrowed (from family or chief bridesmaid, do return to ensure good-luck), Something blue (blue ribbon or trimmings on lingerie. A past client served blue cocktails to represent something blue at her wedding) Borrow some other culture rituals & tradition and infuse into your celebration, instead of the traditional fruit cake swap it for the french equivalent – croquembouche. Be adventurous,

box - think outside the box, be adventurous.

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