The A to Z of Weddings – An Expert Guide to Help You Plan a Dream of a Day    

“The most important goal of any wedding is that it express the couples taste”

Congratulations on your engagement!!

There are some many things to consider before embarking on planning a wedding, lots of overwhelming choices. First is to have ample time to plan your wedding, you’ll be able to enjoy the process.

Be organised and set deadline!

Get a big notebook and start writing down everything!!

Before you can begin to plan your wedding you must first define your personal wedding style, think about all your favourite and least favourite things, colours, flowers etc. Use keywords to represent the mood and style you wish to achieve.

What makes you happy?

How do you visualise your wedding day?

Choosing a theme and working with it. Look at both your likes, passion, hobbies etc. Do you both like to travel or learning new dance moves or savouring exotic cuisine!

Do you like traditional, modern, cultural, intimate, large, religious or destination weddding?

What venue do you envision your wedding at?

Look at both you & your partners wedding priorities, in order of importance list them down.

What budget do you have in mind, be realistic (manage your expectation)?

What time of year do you plan to have your wedding and when in the week do you plan to have your wedding and Is it day time wedding or evening wedding (prices vary)?

Over the next few weeks on Fabmagazine online follow our guide to planning your A-Z dream wedding.

Remember to simply enjoy your planning and have FUN!


After-party – make your wedding last as long as possible (the day really does flyby). At the end of the evening, have a cocktail after-party or a breakfast after-party. Spend that extra time with your guest.

Art of catering– buffet, formal, barbeque, cocktail only. Beware that most reception venue have exclusive catering arrangements so you may be required to choose from a prescribed list of caterers or set menu if hotel venue is chosen. But fear not this could simplify your planning (less stress). But if you’ve set your heart on a certain cuisine, most caterers would happily consider and possibly accommodate your choices (chose your caterer & menu wisely and have a visual representation and tasting before the big day).

Around 22% of your budget goes on foods & drinks! (more on budget later in this A to Z of weddings).

Ask– for help from family & married friends, who have being through planning their wedding. What do’s & don’ts and any pitfalls to avoid. If all else fails engage the service of a professional wedding planner.

Ask – for money as a wedding gift can be awkward, include your reasons why (new bed, honeymoon etc) but be sure to also compile a small wedding list for the traditionalist.

Ambience (def – the character & atmosphere of a place) the ambience you create is important, it sets the tune of your wedding and it is absorbed by your guests and remembered for years to come. Nothing conveys a sense of comfort and warmth like Colours & candlelight. (more on candlelight & colours later in the A to Z of weddings).

Accessories – looking polished is all about the little details (your style is an expression of you), jewellery, shoes, watches, cufflinks, hair accessories, bags, perfume, handkerchief, make-up etc.

Advice – sometimes you need a little less advice from everyone. Trust your instinct or retain the service of an experienced wedding planner!

Attendants (also known as a wedding party)– bride, groom, bestman/woman, page, ushers, bridesmaids/men, maid of honour & flower girl.

Appreciation – of each other, your well wishers, your family, friends, people involved in making this a very happy and memorable occasion for you! Don’t lose sight of what is important to you, it’s a celebration of your love for each other, your family & friends.

Abroad – getting married abroad involves liaising with a holiday company or destination wedding planner who will provide a package for you. Whatever your budget and wedding style, there’s an option to suit you.

Attention to details –  It’s the little details in your event that shows so much love, thought and attention has gone into the planning. Keep an eye on all the details, make your own decisions rather than have them been made for you by default.

The A to Z of weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day continues the next week.

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Bisi ira Bordley is the planner & founder of Love, iara sanyang. After an early career in product, interior design & window dressing, Bisi apprenticed herself to Jane Packer (London) to learn floral styling. Elements of these influences are evident in her designs. Later melding her affinity for entertaining and design with her knowledge of horticulture to create a thriving design business Love, iara sanyang. Love, iara Sanyang bespoke is a Bournemouth based Wedding/floral design company that provides stylish creative services for special events from wedding planning, floral installation, intimate dinner to grand scale occasion. Our signature style is the ability to find our clients signature for their events. Love, iara sanyang is known and recognised for their ever-observant eye and attention to details. Their dual strengths in organisation and creativity keeps Love, iara sanyang events personal and unforgettable. From Charity Benefits, corporate parties to intimate weddings, they continue to successfully coordinate, design and produce a wide array of private, collaborations and floral installations. Bisi ira Bordley Wedding planner/floral stylist

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