#Too much makeup Be sure to tone down that makeup when dressing up to attend a wedding.

Remember you’re not going to the club for a party, or attending that pop or rock concert everyone is looking forward to. Show everyone that you’re a well groomed guest and can complete those good looks you have with mild, flawless makeup.



#Super-short dresses.

As much as possible, try not to want to look sexier than the bride, just let her enjoy that one day feeling like the most beautiful person in the whole room. So, steer clear from those too tight and curve-hugging dresses.




#Wearing too bold designs:

Sometimes, wearing dresses that attract too much attention to a wedding is not a very good idea, especially when you decide to appear quite late to the wedding venue. Wearing really bold designs can attract attention away from the bride, and I know no one would want to do that to any bride on her really special day. Avoid too huge and colorful designs, too sparkly and shiny dresses as well.
#Donning those ultra-conservative suits: Everyone knows work days are from Monday to Friday, and some people have to work on Saturdays too. But if you have to work on Saturday and you also really need to attend that wedding, I suggest you carry a change of clothes somewhere in your car and find someplace to change to a simpler, more casual dress suitable for the wedding. Ultra-conservative suits will leave you bored and stuck to your seat, because you probably won’t be able to dance or move around freely to the vibe of the wedding.
#Wearing white: There is actually supposed to be just one person wearing white at a wedding and that is the bride. So, unless it is specified on the invitation, please do not wear white. One thing you would not want is to be mistaken for the bride during the reception.
#Forgetting to read the invitation: Most people have attended more weddings than they can remember in their lifetime, so once they get another invitation to a wedding, all they check is the date and time for the wedding and toss the card somewhere. You should take out a minute or two to read through the invitation card, checking for specific dress codes and colors or some other vital information. This way, you would have no excuse to be the only person wearing a long cocktail dress when it was indicated that the reception would have a beachy-kind-of-theme.

# Wearing a completely black outfit Suits and tuxedos can be black, but when it comes to weddings, always try to add a pop of colour or two. You definitely do not want to look like you’re going for a funeral wearing a long black dress with black shoes and a black hat and drab makeup. Weddings are supposed to be happy, exciting moments for the bride and her husband, so always try to avoid wearing black as the dominant color when attending weddings.

#Putting on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt: No matter what, please please do not wear a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirts paired with a pair of flip flops or sandals to a wedding. It does not matter how casual the wedding is, or how well you know the bride or even if the wedding is opposite your house. If you are feeling too lazy to dress up, you can easily throw on a flowery shirt dress (that is not too short) and a pair of flats or pumps.


Just for the guys!
Guys, I know you just love to be free and wear the first thing that you spot in your closet. However, you can also look stylish at weddings by ditching those plain blue striped shirts and black tie for an African print shirt and trousers. If you wish to wear a coloured suit however, please DO NOT wear a bright coloured tie as well. You can accessorize with a nice watch, colorful pocket square and nice cuff links. DO feel free to unbutton your jacket once dancing starts!!


Finally, try as much as possible to find out if there’s a wedding theme or the bride requests that her friends all wear a particular color. You don’t want to go to a themed wedding being the only person wearing a shiny pink dress when everyone else has a shade of blue on them!

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  1. Viano

    Very nice tip. Some people go to weddings dressing so inappropriate. They either dress to take attention from the bride or put on something one would wear to a bar across the street.


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