Every bride is the queen and yes! it’s hard to satisfy a bride. She’s got to have the perfect dress, makeup, ‘crew’ and wedding – or she’ll freak out! However, more than a few brides quickly jump into the shoes of persons they’d admire, purchase a wedding dress that speaks nothing of their personal style. These few tips on getting the perfect dress should hopefully, be a life-saving guide.

Have a look.


Consider the cost

The pressure on the modern bride to put up a show at her wedding is so high. Don’t give in to it. The truth is you’re going to be by yourself – as it were – after the wedding to sort out the mess. Marriage is an entirely different ball game. You need time between yourselves as a couple to get used to your new life together. Pressure from  unpaid debts isn’t quite the start you hope for. Things like this are what break up a marriage half way. So in planning your wedding with emphasis to choosing your dress, stay within your budget. Don’t go off limits and end up ‘nursing secret wounds’.




Accentuate your features

When choosing your dress, be careful not to overlook the fitting details because every bride stands out in styles perculiar to her features. Every wedding dress falls into any of these five design categories: the ball gown, the A-line gown, the empire style, the sheath or the slip dress. You have a place in at least one of them.

Choose what silhouette

Gowns are made with many different fabrics ranging from silk to organic, lace or chiffon. Because it’s your big day, you need to take your time to make your own choices on this one. Don’t pick a dress right out of your catalog because it looked good on the model. Have a gown you’ll love and be proud in, plus happy!







Ordering Overseas

It’s common advice that really tall ladies should avoid ordering their dresses from overseas. Well, that’s true because you risk the chance of having a shorter dress delivered to you and it takes a whole lot of stress in returning it. Fashion designer, Mai Atafo buttresses the point. He insists that it’s preferable for brides not to order from out the country except they have the perfect dimension. not advisable; avoid the option. But then again, it’s your big day, have it your way.



If You are full-figured


I’ll advice you keep your gown simple. Bulky and over-accessorized dresses just make you look heavier than your sweet self.

There usually is the temptation to want to be in your best friend’s position especially if they are a size 6. Not to worry, you are your own self and be proud of that.

Be you, do you and be pleased.








So, remember…


There’s a whole lot going on with activity that could easily wear you out, take out time to relax with your best friends and laugh really hard because you need it – to clear your head and make you forget ceremonial, involuntary crying usually associated with brides.


And! Every bride-to-be needs a bridal shower – no matter how big or inexpensive – to know you’ll feel connected to your girls even after your man steals you away AND for all that last minute single girl splash!


Make the right choices as regards this one step to your big day and remember, no debts incurred or you have a happy crowd around a disconnected couple.

Like this one, ouch!


You want to live the rest of your life with the one you love



Go ahead and live happily ever after!


Have a really FABulous wedding!

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  1. Michelle Spice

    Most brides today are too bossy, bitchy and not realistic! They tend to bring the same negative energy into their marriage! For the most, their marriages end up with troubles and no positive recourse to solve their issues…

    Be yourself and you treat your spouse as how you would want to be treated… The world does not revolve around you alone, it takes everything and everyone to make the world go around…

    Marriage takes work and is a great responsibility for the both parties. Women you can make our break your marriage because you control the energy of negative and positive you choose your direction!

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