The A to Z of weddings– An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day

Part 11 of our guide to planning your A to Z of wedding continues…..


An eclectic visual portfolio of Inspirations: weddings are largely and by far inspired by fashion, art and culture. Trawling through a library of magazines, internet, websites, blogs etc for endless  source of inspiration for your wedding can be joyful but also stressful. Don’t be afraid to create your style! Start a mood board for inspiring images, fabric, colours, venue ideas, flowers etc. After a while the board will include things you love and the wedding will start to reflect your style.

Inspired thought:

Fuse the past and present, visit galleries or museums for inspirations.








 inspired thought:

Source unique accessories, embellish a look… create a style of your own.


Make a stunning table centrepiece with lightly scented candles in different sizes and colours.







inspired thought:

Swap traditional fruit cake for Chocolate cake and served with ice cream (summer) or hot fruit compote (winter). Perfect dessert offering!













keywords & inspiration:

ines di santo. ian stuart bride. ice.


The A to Z weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day continues the next week.

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