The A to Z of weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day

“Where I come from – Lebanon –  weddings are like competitions, where everyone tries to do the biggest and most glamorous. So each time you go to a wedding, you think it’s the best, but then you go to another even bigger and better one. It’s like this all the time. But of course, the best wedding is the one of a friend or a member of my family, where there’s warmth and feelings from the heart”     – Elie Saab

Part 7 of our guide to planning your A to Z of wedding continues….


father – play a very important role in your weddings, from your Fiance asking for your hand in marriage to footing the bill(if you are lucky) to walking the bride to the altar & the speech at the reception. This is your opportunity to thank him and make him feel very special.

flowers – from flower-decked table to the perfect buttonholes, the flowers you chose should reflect the style of your wedding. Your chosen florist will have a wealth of ideas and experience to help you create the floral wedding decorations of your dreams. It is also important to be clear about your budget, as flowers are not cheap seasonality affects the cost. It is important to discuss ideas with your florist, write down in your journal any thoughts, questions, ideas, and magazine clippings etc that you like and dislikes. Take with you on consultation with your florist photo of your dress and perhaps a sample of the fabric. Book your florist at least 6 months in advance. Ask to see the florist portfolio. Keep in touch with your florist throughout the planning process and have any confirmation and alterations in writing. *Money saving idea – transfer your flowers from the ceremony venue (church etc) to your reception venue!

fragrance – your wedding day scent will forever evoke the memory of your special day.

face – consult a beautician six months before the wedding, so that they can analyse your skin and make sure you are using the right product. Wedding planning is a very stressful time so be kind to yourself, indulge in a good beauty treatment.

favours – there is nothing like a well wrapped personalised gift bag to thank each of your guest. Fun, edible and glamorous gifts such as chocolates, mini champagnes, mini wedding cakes, toiletries etc are a favourite for wedding gift bags. It’s the one tangible thing from your wedding they get to take home, so make it memorable. Don’t forget to include a personalised thank you note in each gift bags!

feet – during the run-up to your wedding have regular pedicures, it would make your feet fab and ready for your day!

february – favourite & romantic time of the year to marry.

friday – did you know it’s cheaper to get married on a Friday than a Saturday!

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The A to Z weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day continues the next week.

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