The A to Z of weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day

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contract – insist on a written contract with all your wedding suppliers. Be sure the contract covers all aspects of the services you expect, when overtime expenses start, would your florist endeavour to honour quotations and absorb any increase (the prices of flowers fluctuates daily) etc. You want everything spelled out in detail beforehand to avoid any later confusion, check out the small print!!

centrepiece – think outside the box for your centrepiece. Set a stylish table be it trendy, glamorous, modern. Use the right details to design a piece  that echoes your wedding vibe. If you’re not the flower type, gather different shapes and sizes candles to add visual interest or use food – fresh fruits as a focal point and it also gives your guests something to nibble on.

Cultivate – a good working relationship with all involved in developing your wedding. People you’re friendly with generally will go out of their way to make sure your day goes off without a hitch.

concentrate – on simplicity and identity, make your event your own, make it different and please don’t ignore your roots or tradition!

colours – be creative when it comes to colours, there are no rules. Various shades of the same vivid hue, when mixed and matched, can make a striking combination. When choosing a colour palette for your wedding, keep in mind the colours already at your chosen venue (carpet, wall-covering etc). Once you’ve chosen your colour palette, stick with it. The reception table is one place where all the colours of your wedding palette comes together. Don’t be afraid of rich full hues! For inspiration pop over to your local paint or artist shop and purchase a colour wheel, great for colour combination.

candles – romance. Nothing conveys romance, a sense of comfort and warmth like candlelight. Place candles everywhere – not just on tables but on ledges, nooks & crannies. If your wedding has the use of a garden extend the ambience into the garden by using hurricane lanterns with giant candles, or tea-lights in laser bags etc. Set out scented candles in safe spots at the ceremony, near the entrance and not near food. Flickering Tea-lights cast amazing patterns, colours and lends a romantic ambience. One word of caution, check about the suitability of using loads of candles in your reception room, especially summer season, the temperature in the room might become unbearable. Any doubts whatsoever, you’re better off using Led battery operated tea-lights. 

cake – choosing your wedding cake should be one of the more enjoyable part of planning your wedding.  And it is the centrepiece of a wedding reception, make sure the style of the cake follows your theme. Your cake maker will guide you through the range of choices.  Sample tasting, expect to pay a fee for consultation & tasting which is normally redeemable against purchasing a cake. Also don’t forget to ask the cost of Delivery & set-up assemble. And ask about set-up time (generally as a wedding planner, I request the cake is installed 3-4 hours before the reception starts, taking into account the weather and the temperature of the room) PS ask if there is additional fees for the stand & knife and in most cases you will have to pay a deposit for these items! *Make your cake a focal point of your reception

confetti-rose petals are perfect for weddings. Many venues have restrictions on confetti, double check before using. Your florist will be able to supply you with bags of fresh flower petals or contact a specialist company. Place small cones on the seats for your guests. Another alternative to petals is bubbles.

children – playful & adorable can be the little shining star at a wedding celebration. Keep them happy and occupied with entertainment ie magician, face painter etc. Save money and order a children’s menu for them (speak to your caterer or venue)

cocktail reception – is the most straightforward way of informing your guests that dinner will not be served. Make your guests feel well-looked after by serving plenty of hor d’oeuvre with the cocktails. Cheap & chic!

checklist – have a checklist for you to keep track of all the points in your wedding planning. I can’t stress this enough, you need it!

caterers – book your caterer as soon as possible. Get referrals, sample the food, some caterers charge a fee for this. Read current food magazine and photos so you can make a visual presentation to the caterer so that your expectations will be met. Ask your caterer about rentals, china, flatware etc (if needed)

camera – place disposable cameras on each table to involve your guests in the celebration. Appoint someone to encourage your guests to use the cameras and to collect them at the end of evening.

cake cutting – have a few minutes to refresh yourself for the photo opportunity. Cutting the cake is important part of the wedding ceremony. It’s the time to show your guests how happy you both are to be finally married.

celebration – your wedding is a celebration of your love, which you want your family& friends to share. Surround yourselves with love. No drama or stress!!

champagne – is the beverage associated with weddings. Champagne bar is hot trend this season. If your budget would only stretch to a glass per guest perhaps serve it as a welcome drink or during the toast.

cinema – indoor or outdoor cinema showing the wedding ceremony earlier in the day to the evening guest.

cocktail – cocktail circulated on trays as guests arrive to the reception is a tasty way to add a layer of delight to your celebration. Inspiration can come from something as specific as the drink you and your groom sipped on the night you met, or a vacation you took together as a couple. Or perhaps your cocktail is more of an aesthetic addition, one that complements your wedding colours. What better way to add a personal touch to your wedding reception than with a bespoke wedding cocktail.

cultural – embrace and infuse your culture into your wedding day and make it a unique celebration that is completely reflective of your personal signature.

croquembouche – a traditional french dessert served at weddings, boast a towering peak of profiteroles and a ll over coat of crunchy caramel and a swirl of spun sugar, bon!

cash – is KING!! Thoughts and expectation need to be shared early on.

customer service (suppliers & venues) – if they don’t specifically cater to your wishes and requirements, dump them!!!

church – all churches have their codes of practice that will be explained to you if you require. Costs vary, so check with the vicar of your chosen church. Extra treat – hire bell-ringers so that a celebratory peal rings out as you leave, your guests would love it!

civil ceremonies – take place in register offices or at venues that have been licensed to perform civil ceremonies. Licensed venues include, hotels, stately homes, beach (check with the local authority in the county you wish to wed, as of summer 2012 Bournemouth beach is licensed) Costs vary, so check with your register office.

christian louboutin – shoe designs  are recognised for their bright red lacquered sole which has since become his trademark. Louboutin is renowned for his stiletto heels which are generally five inches or taller, his designs often feature studs, bows, bejewelled heels and other evening wear adornments. Louboutin is synonymous with luxury and elegance. As the Louboutin brand continues to expand, the label has released a line of handbags that compliment the shoe line. Shoe God Christian Louboutin who created the signature red-soled stiletto, admitted he stumbled upon the idea by chance. When trying to make the soles more interesting he tried applying red nail varnish and the idea immediately took off, making his shoes instantly recognisable. (more on shoes later in the series)

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