The A to Z of weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day

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lace – the most traditional and romantic of fabrics, the usage dates back centuries.

lights – the right lighting can transform a room’s atmosphere. Use beautiful and inexpensive candles to light your tables.

list – look  at both you & your partners wedding priorities, in order of importance list them down. Have a checklist for you to keep track of all the points in your wedding planning. I can’t stress this enough, you need it!

ladies room – leave your guests a stash of quick fixes and beauty essentials.

lips – to prevent them from cracking, apply a non-greasy lip balm first it keeps lips moisturized. Apply your lipstick, blot and reapply to give the hue staying power.

legal documents – check out the small print!!

London cab – love it!

London eye – yes, you can get married on the London eye.

London zoo – and yes to getting married at London zoo too (MORE QUIRKY PLACES TO GET MARRIED LATER)

layers – layers layers layers

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The A to Z weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day continues the next week.

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