VHS (Video Hit Show) by Yomi Black recently captured Uti Nwachukwu and made him confess. Yes, stories about his rumored relationship with actress, Beverly Naya, his best friend, Alex OkuboYomi Black also got word from him about his supposed love interest with certain influential and older women in Abuja.

Yomi Black

Yomi Black

Uti! That man already has done so much in life for a celeb his age! Probably too much. Well in case you’re wondering, it’s a funny video from VHS; don’t take it too seriously – as it were.

Watch the hilarious video

VHS is a new top of the line video review show/variety skits and doubles as a social and entertainment oriented program centered on the desire of most men and women to be entertained.

Yomi Black is gradually making his creative mark in the world of comedy. Check out his earlier video, Chairman, inspired by M.I‘s musical video Chairman video (click here).

What are your thoughts on this video, though. Do let us know. As you do that, also see another VHS material where he has eLDee in cuffs. Yes, eLDee the Don!

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