These are images taken candidly in the street … they are totally unorchestrated and each of the subjects they depict are cocooned in their respective realms of solitude. I walk through the streets of London looking for quiet moments like these to preserve on film and it stems from my fascination with strangers. There’s something intriguing about the unknown and it could be just because we don’t know it. “What’s their story?” “Where are they from?” “Where are they going?” “What are they thinking?”

Remember when you were a kid and had endless “why”s about everything? Well, I guess I’ve still got a similar curiosity, and taking pictures of people is the most I could do to somehow discern their story. Although, the instant I’ve taken the picture, “truth” morphs into another version of itself – a version now beyond the camera’s reach.

So all I conserve is metaphors of truths or “truths” that were but no longer are.

Here are some of these metaphors.






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  1. Anita

    Some of your best photos posted and I like your words with them. Do you remember when we talked about the woman who reads…..’what?’…we didn’t know ‘what’ just kept guessing. The possibilities are endless…

  2. Suby

    Good series of images and the words flow well with the images, sort of draws you in. Would love to see you take your street images more daring with a “more in your face’ with your subjects.


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