Here are a handful of images taken around London city, brought to you in part by my Practika TL5B 35mm camera.

All images were incidental or anticipated, with the exception pictures of the lady on the bicycle and the street sketcher for a picture, in the second and fourth picture respectively.

Although he gives off a confident air, he took some calming down for him to let me take this picture. Maybe he thought I was Old Bill.

The first picture was taken in Soho, it was something of accident as I wanted to take a picture of the shop when he walked straight into the frame. I rather like how it turned out though.

The third image was taken near Trafalgar Square of a anti-communist party protest.

The penultimate picture and the one two hops above it were taken in a gallery space on Charing Cross Road. The rhombi of light outlined on the floor of the gallery were worth two clicks, hence the diptych. The  narrow street with the arrow was also taken in Soho.

And last but not least is an image taken in China town.

I hope you enjoy it.











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