Capture34 years ago today the country of Zimbabwe gained it’s independence and as the whole country celebrates this remarkable progress we here at FAB celebrate along with them. Coincidentally we recently stumbled on Zimbabwe’s version of the Pharrell ‘Happy” remake that has been widely trending.

Capture1 Capture2 Capture3The remake for Zimbabwe was done in Harere, Zimbabwe’s Capital City. As is the norm we see people just generally trying to show how happy they are by laughing, dancing, singing, jumping and more fun things. The video is an opportunity for Zimbabwe and we can’t help but notice the beautiful scenery and environment. For some of us that haven’t visited before it looks like an interesting invite. The video is produced by Urban Space and Media Matrix.

Today, thousands of Zimbabweans will converge at the 65 000-seater National Sports Stadium in Harare which will be the centre-piece of countrywide celebrations of the nation’s 34 years of Independence.

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