Nigerians home and abroad agree on one thing: That the reason we are so far from where we need to be is the lack of love and respect that Nigerians as a people have for one another. It is a common saying that ‘the people get the leader they deserve’ and it is clear to all that the leaders always come from amongst ‘the people.’ Hence, what we have is a general issue that I daresay bares no direct link to the leadership of the country.

Is it in the inhuman way that the security operatives treats its citizens or the generally acceptable practices like lynching thieves by a mob whilst the so-called thieves are yet suspects as in the case of the ALUU 4?

Nigerians have zero benefits or dividends from being citizens of one of the wealthiest nations in the world (of course the elite few continue to amass the resources for their personal use) and yet we are subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment daily whilst living in Nigeria. Now watch the video below to see how Nigerians are treated by Nigerians in faraway Canada and why a Nigerian lady would swear to burn up her passport once she becomes a Canadian citizen. Very sad for a country that has so much potential but its people choose to leave it at just that…potentials.

Watch video below:

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