Lip syncing to a song requires a special skill in the art. Anyone can have the words written down but performing like you own the song is quite another especially when it comes to facial expressions and movement.

Jimmy Fallon definitely learned the hard way when he invited ace actress Emma Stone to The Tonight Show challenging her to a lip syncing battle.

Fallon who may have thought he would win opened the battle with a feisty delivery of Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ but Stone responds even better with a very hard to lip sync track from Blue Traveler ‘Hook’.


Jimmy Fallon & Emma Stone

Seeing that his competition is really tough, Fallon returned to the stage and performed even more energetic to Styx’s ‘Mr Roboto’ and Stone couldn’t help but express approval labeling his rendition “incredible”. She came back at him with an outstanding performance of DJ Khaled’s “All I do is Win,” and it was a flawless victory for Emma Stone. Jimmy Fallon could not help but declare Stone the winner.

Sorry Mr Fallon!

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