‘Ragga Bomb’ was shot in December in Hillbrow, Alex and Johannesburg, the viral video was released on the 1st of April and has already been featured everywhere from Pitchfork to Rolling Stone. ‘Ragga Bomb’ was released by Skrillex in collaboration with Ragga Twins.


The creative video has been receiving a lot of hype as The Guardian tagged it “a genuinely great music video… that’ll probably give George Lucas a hernia” and Stereogum said it’s “visually arresting as all hell.” Ragga Bomb has racked up over a million views in its first four days online.


Everything you see in that video is a product of Terence’s imagination. Terence is best known as a top creative commercials director.

Ragga Bomb takes you into a post-apocalyptic turf war, complete with trolley-surfing scavengers, glow-in-the-dark dancehall, and a final fight sequence you won’t see coming.

Enjoy video below:

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