‘Hate Me’ is a viral visual filmed at The Hakuna Matata Festival in Kenya. Starring Chocolate City Artist Victoria Kimani. This Visual highlights the rich and exiting music festival culture in Kenya, which is by far the most diverse on the continent

Hate Me’, a hard hit hitting Hip Hop/R & B record, is the second visual lifted from The Queen Victoria mixtape and it features leading Nigerian femcee, Pryse. It was produced by The White N3rd and released late 2013.

This showcases a more relaxed and versatile and playful side of the multi-award nominated singer and songwriter, catering to the Hip Hop/R & B lovers as she performs and celebrates with her Friends & Fans in Kenya.

Victoria Kimani recently kicked off her online series ‘The Rise of Queen Victoria’ boasting of the 3 recordings since it kicked off in April.
Episode 1

Episode 1 part 2

Episode 1 part 3

The Chocolate City first lady joined the label in 2012.

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