estar-of-resonance-otito-udo-artworkAfter several years, the voice behind the group Resonance that rocked the airwaves with hits like Chinweike, Lee lee, Holy ghost fire, I don die and some other songs, is back in 2013 with two new singles – Otito and Udo.


See Esther in Lee lee video and more.



Udo means ‘peace’, and the song and style is similar to what we remember Estar for.
The video was shot in Germany, and just like the meaning, the video creates a feeling of peace and calmness, with no much going on it just poses powerful lyrics and message, simple and good image quality which helps to relax and ease you as you focus.

On the other hand, otito means ‘praise’. This song is a constellation of choruses that all glorify God in one way or another. It might not be the usual genre Estar is known for but she definitely renders this song excellently and in her own very original way. It’s a feel good song. A song that will lift your spirit up

See the video for Udo below:


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