Tunde Ednut, the comedian turned music artiste is really making an authentic crossover. The pint sized entertainer just added another single to 2 certified hits that he already has in the market; “My kinda song” and “Catching cold”. Its titled Jingle Bells and it’s not half bad. It’s looking like he might actually have a good album in the works.


Jingle Bells dropped a couple days ago and now there’s a video, you wanna know why? That’s because nobody will be dancing jingle Bells in March, hence the reason to make this all about the season in view; Christmas!


The fast paced song which features raves of the moment Iceprince, Davido, Lynxx and also Naija hip hop pioneer JJC is sure to liven up parties and clubs this christmas. Good job Tunde Ednut, now you’ll be the one laughing to the bank.


Watch video here


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54i5g_v89l0?rel=0]


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