Naija is the gold mine of hip hop talents, with more than 150 million in population and millions more in diaspora, we can hardly keep up with new comers. The young men you’re about to watch in this video just launched themselves into my retentive memory, with their very ILL cypher. I’ve heard some of Midnite’s songs before and aslo heard about Ajebutter22 before but never heard him rap, but on listening to them spit here I think you guys should listen in too. Very witty young men if I must say.


The cypher features Ajebutter22 of Shofro, Midnite of EgoFix, CJ of PCE and K-Fly & Mayor of Latecomers.


Some of the FAB Lines:

“I march past and leave them in February” – Midnite

“She fights for the top; cow girl, she’s gotta have milk; cowbell” –  Mayor


I’ll let you discover the rest yourselves.


Watch the video here:




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