The latest video from the E.M.E, Crew for the new single ‘Komole’ shot in Washington D.C, while the E.M.E. Crew was on their US Tour in the Summer of 2012 and directed by 1st Impressions is a big hit at the FAB HQ already.

Check out the ten reasons why this video is a firm favourite of FAB.

1. We love a man who can azonto…

2. And who is not afraid of heights.

3. And who can play the air synthesizer – as seen in Exhibits A, B, C.

4. Bringing back memories… Library steps, pretty college girls, wing man at the ready; boys, you’d be lying if you said it doesn’t bring back memories of good old days when all you did was chill with your bestie and chat up ladies.

5. Speaking of pretty ladies… Need we say more?

6. A cameo – or two or three – from Mr. Wellington always make a good video great, no?

7. Secretly, you love a well rendered high angle nighttime cityscape shot – admit it!

8. And after the well rendered high angle nightitme cityscape shot must come the after party and ‘Komole’ delivers in heaps on the club scenes.


9. A spot or two of dancing dirty don’t hurt nobody. We all love seeing sexy, sweaty bodies swaying to the rhythm, right?

10. We are softies here at FAB HQ so nothing melts our hearts more than a happy ending where the guy gets the girl and they dance dirty ever after.


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