Turning Point 14

Director Niyi Towolawi with Joe Estevez

Fresh off a publicity tour in Lagos, Nigeria which saw the Turning Point team visit TV and radio stations and take questions from the Nigerian media at a press conference last Friday, HekCentrik Films welcomes the new month with two new behind-the-scenes webisodes of Turning Point by London-based Nigerian filmmaker Niyi Towolawi.

In the run up to the Africa premieres, and following the success of the world premiere attended by leading cast from Hollywood and Nollywood at London IndigO2, the 10-part behind-the-scenes webisodes aim to document the cast and crew’s relentless work across two continents – America and Africa – to bring to life this exciting Hollywood/Nollywood co-production.

Webisode 2 titled ‘First Friday’ documents day 5 on the set of Turning Point on location in America and everyone’s settled into a rhythm. ‘First Friday’ proves a busy and ambitious day as the dynamics improve and pace picks up. It is also the first day of Joe Estevez and KD Aubert on set.

Webisode 3 titled ‘Very Stacey’ offers an in-depth look at the inner workings of a key character and a number of scenes involving her. Stacey, played by KD Aubert is pivotal to the story as the “what if”  – or “if only” – character who may have changed the shape of things to come for the protagonist Ade Afolabi.

While ‘First Friday’ allows us a peek behind the scenes and the technical choices made by the director, Niyi Towolawi, ‘Very Stacey’ is a fun-filled episode of girly fun, yet professional work by actress and former Victoria’s Secret model KD Aubert, costume designer Precious ‘Wale Adewale and Head of Make up and Hair Lola Maja-Okojevoh.

Turning Point 25

Igoni Archibong, Lola Maja-Okojevoh and Niyi Towolawi, with Joe Estevez and crew in the background

Turning Point 12 copy

Lola Maja-Okojevoh getting Joe Estevez ready for filming

A compelling story of ethnic prejudice, blurred moral lines, revenge and redemption written and directed by Towolawi, Turning Point follows the rise and fall of Ade (Igoni Archibong), Nigerian-American New York City investment banker who is in a relationship with keen-to-marry African-American Stacey (KD Aubert) but is forced into an arranged marriage to seemingly submissive Grace (Jackie Appiah) by his controlling mother (Patience Ozokwor).

Turning Point 24

KD Aubert and Precious ‘Wale Adewale


With a star studded cast bringing together Hollywood heavyweights Ernie Hudson best known for his roles as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters film series, Sergeant Albrecht in The Crow and Warden Leo Glynn in Oz, Todd Bridges of Diff’rent Strokes fame, Victoria’s Secret model and actress from Scorpion King, Friday After Next and Soul Plane, KD Aubert, and Joe Estevez with Nollywood’s noted actress Patience Ozokwor (Mama Gee) also known as Mother Africa, Ghana’s celebrated actress Jackie Appiah, Nigerian actress of Blackberry Babes fame Oge Okoye, Turning Point turns into reality what was once a dream of a partnership between the world’s two largest film industries, Hollywood and Nollywood.

Following the star-studded London premiere which filled the 1,500 capacity venue IndigO2 with the movers and shakers, Africa and America premiere dates will shortly be released.


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