In only a year, “Meet The Adebanjos”, a family sitcom showcasing a clash of African traditional values versus British culture, has grown with so much success. It is an International hit show airing around the world in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Pan Africa and UK.

meet-the-adebanjos-web-seriesMeet the Adebanjos is a family sitcom about a family living in Peckham South London, consisting of Nigerian parents, British children and unwanted extended family. The show follows a larger than life Dad struggling to instill his old fashion African values in his British household. It is a clash of African traditional values versus British culture. With the mix of a radical Pentecostal pastor, a reggae loving tutor and a cousin who has just arrived from Nigeria how will Bayo cope and more importantly does he even stand a chance?

Debra OdutuyoDebra Odutuyo

As the series gears up for Season 2, we get the opportunity to meet the woman behind the lens in a behind-the-scenes of a day in the life of Debra Odutuyo, Creator and Director of the hilarious TV Sitcom Meet the Adebanjos.

Watch the first episode of Meet The Adebanjos below then subscribe to their YouTube channel to follow.

Episode 1

To watch more episodes go to

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