Mama Hope is an organization that invests in projects throughout Africa, bringing food security, clean water, education and healthcare to communities in need. Through allowing local organizations and communities to manage projects, Mama Hope encourages self-reliance. From the horn of Africa to its western shores, the organization has helped realize the potential of 76,000 people in Kenya and Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda.

Still, the humanitarians behind this initiative are not without a sense of irony. Hollywood depictions of Africa range from depressing to absurd. African men, in particular, are portrayed as psychopathic, bloodthirsty warlords whose reign of terror can only be thwarted by a valiant, noble western hero, such as a shirtless Matthew McConaughey.

In this video, four young African men point out the various cartoonish ways Hollywood portrays them. Towards the end of the video, the men poke fun at Matthew McConaughey’s tendency to be unnecessarily shirtless in dire moments.

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle Spice

    Thank for this post!

    I am glad you know that they are always poking fun at Afrika every chance they get…

    I am very happy to see that Nigeria has taken the lead in creating their own kiss ass film industry, what must happen more of is the real afrikan experince and the many culture that made us standing strong up on till today. The plan was to wipe us out but we are stronger than that by the blessings of Almighty God that was cast upon us…

    We don’t have to prove anything to them, just let them know that when they come to Afrika now they come on our terms and they are not free to roam and do what they want because when we as Afrikans come into their Territory we are not free to roam around and do what we want or please…

    Thanks for the positive feedback young brothers. I loved the undertones…


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