Dencia’s Whitenicious cream has sparked a lot of global remarks since it was introduced to the media early in the year. The Cameroonian/Nigerian singer who was invited for an interview on Ben TV’s ‘The Magazine Show’ got tongue-lashed by a guest caller on the show.

The caller minced no words as she told the ‘Beri Beri’ singer that she is ‘not a good role model for the kids’. Dencia kept mute as she listened to the livid caller share her candid opinion. Dencia later lashed back at the caller who had already hung up saying that she was reacting based on the influence of the media. Dencia maintained that her ‘whitenicious’ product can bleach any user but it was not specifically made for bleaching but for dark spots removal instead, as she maintained the viewpoint that bleaching does not give anyone low self-esteem.

The 26-year-old singer broke down in tears as she spoke about the emotionally overpowering support and love from her family.

Watch interview below:

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  1. Gerroutahere

    Dencia’s accent rubs me the wrong way maaaaynnnn!!! The girl has zero confidence in herself even though she says the opposite.


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