It is very easy for women to throw on a wig or a weave at any point in time but we need to be reminded that not every artificial thing is a quick helper all the time. Sometimes it costs us our beauty as well and Countess Vaughn shares her story.


‘The Pakers’ cast

Countess Vaughn as some of you may recall was a Hollywood child star best know for her roles in the comic sitcoms,  ‘Moesha’ and ‘The Parkers’. She recently appeared on ‘The Doctors’ to share her horrifying experience with Lace Front Wigs.


Countess Vaughn in ‘The Parkers’

Vaughn fell in love with hair piece at one point in her life and she consistently used those hair pieces that require wig glues to stay in place for five years. Countess discovered that she had developed a serious scalp infection causing her hair to ooze coupled with terrible hair loss. Now the 35-year-old star depends on her eye liner to fill in her receding hairline and discoloured skin.

Watch Countess Vaughn tell her story below:

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