“Countdown” is still burning up the charts with its very colourful, Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face way, yet Queen Bey decided to give us another wonderful tune to jam to.





In case you’d forgotten, this was the song that she performed when she announced her pregnancy to the world, so I can understand why a video for the song would be high demand. However there is no bump in sight, which probably means the video was shot before the idea of little Jay and Bey was considered.

 In terms of clothing, the costumes really took from her performance at the VMA Awards with three different pant suits in black white and gold *Art deco, very spring/summer 2012*, also with a bodysuit and a medal studded peaked cap at the beginning.

Beyonce doing a little old school step


Then jumping into a pantsuit very reminiscent of 90s boy bands


Then a change into a white pant suit

Finally, ending with a 20's inspired tux

All in all I enjoyed the video, though pardon me, I am a bit biased because this is my favourite song on the album. But I honesty think this song at this moment emphasises the happiness and blessing that is going on in her life and we, the viewers, can’t just help but smile.


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