Finally the countdown to the premiere of Beyoncé’s latest video “Countdown” is over and already King B’s latest is a hit with the fans with Beyonce Countdown a trending topic already.

Featuring possibly the most famous baby bump in the world to date, the video is a throwback to a range of retro glam look and dance flicks which show Beyoncé at her chamelion best, recreating legendary looks from a bevy of beauties from Twiggy to Audrey Hepburn and movie scenes from “Fame” to her own “Dreamgirls.” And not one to allow a minor re-arrangement like a baby bump to shelf her dancing shoes, as always Beyonce shakes her world-famous booty to her heart’s content.

Without further ado, here is the highly anticipated video:


A must watch, but first let’s have a look at it frame by frame:

Mod throwback to '60s

Beyonce O'clock

"Funny Face" (1953) Becomes Her

Audrey would be proud

Baby's First Music Video

Pop Art Bey


'Bump' and Grind

And there goes the moves we love

Multiple Vision Bey

Dancing Queen

Dream Girl

Glowing Mama Bey

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