The Atlanta rapper Future went in-depth about his relationship with Ciara (his pregnant wife to be), her past relationships with other rappers, and why he decided to put a ring on it, in an interview with Sway In The Morning to chat about his new album Honest.

Seizing the moment, the Sway In The Morning team tried to get the tough Future to reveal some secret details about his relationship with Ciara, but the ‘I Won’ singer tried to dodge the bullet.


On how long it took for them to go on a first date

Future: Probably a week.

If it was love at first sight

Future: Love at first sight? It was most definitely a chemistry that I never felt before. It was great. From the beginning, we hit it off well.

Additionally, he talked about growing as an emcee and where he wanted to go with Honest‘s sound. He also clarified the alleged dispute with Drake and revealed that he and his producer inspired Drake’s hit, “Started From the Bottom.”

Take a look at the interview below:

‘I Won’ Future ft Kanye West

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