Below are the 5 FAB videos you do not want to miss! The videos are not curbed to a particular sort, rather they are a fusion of funny, entertaining and FAB picks for you to relax and enjoy.

1. Kids react to walkman

This week, TheFineBros sat down with a few kids to show them an ancient artifact: The Walkman.

The kids are baffled by the sight of this bizarre object, but are even more confused when they try to get it to work. “I feel like I’m Indiana Jones or something,” one child said after actually getting the cassette inside.

2. Obasanjo’s birthday

President Goodluck Jonathan sends former president Obasanjo a birthday card.

3. Nigerians Abroad
A thrilling peek into the everyday lives of young Nigerians living in Los Angeles. It is a known fact that Nigerians, wherever they are, have an inborn sense of entertainment and class. “Nigerians Abroad” is a show about young Nigerian-Americans living in the city of Los Angeles and climbing the social ladder one step at a time; turning heads wherever they go.

4. Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance

5. Visa Application by Frank Donga

The hilarious tales of Frank Donga continues with his interview for a travel Visa. Find out if this time he nails it or REALLY blows it.

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