MMMG star Tekno Miles premieres a stunning new video ‘Dance’. A classic video that suggests that the Triple MG crew have really worked so hard to make this a success. The exquisite visuals is a proof of productiveness.


Tekno Miles released this first of its kind video to ensure you’ll surely see it over and over again, the smashing crystal clear visual will make your screens come alive and the dance steps in this video features some epic moves from the enigma “Fela Kuti”, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and a lot of mixed steps that could help a workout routine.


‘Dance’ is a creative work put together by the prolific director Sesan who directed the unique visuals and the easy-going lyrics will get you singing along in a little time, the melody and rhythm to this song will keep lingering on and on.

Watch video below:

‘Dance’ by Tekno Miles

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